Messy little monsters (2015 - 2017)

Messy Little Monsters is my longest running and most successful project, and is close to my heart.

The project began in October 2015, and started out with a few simple splodges of "paint" from which I created monster characters. People seemed to like them, so I created and posted a new monster every single day for a year, and eventually made a book of the first 50 monsters:

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Then I started offering an 'Adopt a Monster' service whereby people "commissioned" a bespoke monster!


Over the year their style evolved,

and I started experimenting with drawing them in different ways.

There are now close to 400 different monsters in the series!

I experimented with themes too, including Historical Monsters, Monster Careers, Famous Monsters, and also different art styles - check out the photo albums on Facebook to see the range!

If you would like to discuss licensing for Messy Little Monsters, please contact me at