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Below you can see a few of the projects I've been developing in my "spare" time.


Banana Gary goes on a picnic and wakes up lost. How the flip did that happen?! And who is this Green Rabbit that has appeared out of nowhere and is so friendly?

Also, I'm not so sure he should follow the very polite, overly helpful signs... they seem a bit fishy to me.

Also also, why is he not a banana - sounds like false advertising to me.


A lost soul in search of a soul not yet lost.

Beginning, Middle, End was a project I started using Adobe Spark (formerly Adobe Slate) which is a great medium with a lot of potential for image projects.

The initial intention was to make up the story as I went along, posting regular updates, however, Adobe Spark's limitations made it difficult to navigate through to the most recent part of the story withought having to scroll all the way through what you've already read.

This was kind of a blessing in disguise as I'd been giving the storyline some deeper thought, and had developed a good narrative that I have now decided to work on properly (rather than just freestyling!).

I can't give any more details about this story yet, as I don't want to spoil it - all I can say is I'm excited about working on this properly!

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