44 Procreate Brushes for your doodling pleasure!


This pack includes both my original procreate set and my popular Kitty Inkers set.

It contains some great inkers, including:

RETRO SET - Which has a Hanna-Barbera / Nickelodeon vibe to it, for nice thick cartoony outlines.

DILIGAF SET - Similar to traditional ink pen nibs.


Some great WATERCOLOUR brushes, some great TEXTURE brushes, BRILLIANT pencils, and a few weird and fun brushes thrown in - Check out the hedgehog brush and draw hedgehogs to your hearts content!

I've spent a fair bit of time on these brushes, so appreciate you buying them!


I hope you enjoy them!





Ps - these were created in Procreate 4, I presume they will work ok in earlier versions too, but I haven't tested them.


I'd love to see what you create with them, and please feel free to send me any feedback!

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Drew's 44 Brush PROCREATE MEGA PACK - Digital iPad brushes

SKU: BR001