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Drew and friends!

Drew Bristow (affectionately known as Drewvis) is an author/illustrator living in sunny Brighton, UK.

He's been having fun with pens and pencils since he was knee-high to a toddler sized grasshopper. Don't think about that too much though because it might keep you up at night wondering if toddler sized grasshoppers actually exist. 

Fast-forward a whole bunch of years, and he's still having the best time - creating comics, illustrating children's books, and doodling 'til the cows come home (which as we all know, is an unspecified time as cows are quite bad at time keeping).

Drew typically takes a mixed media approach to illustration, combining a geeky love for pencils with his trusty scanner (Scanny-McScanalot) and adds dollops and dollops of lovely digital colour.

In his spare time he's a musician, a designer, a dad to a small human bean, multiple cats, and a seagull.  He's also an avid gardener and a bit of a craft beer nerd.

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