Hi, I’m Drew Bristow, an illustrator and designer from Brighton, and I’m here to introduce you to a couple of good friends of mine…

Carrot & Toast!

These Whole Food Heroes are anything but bland!


Carrot & Toast’s world is absurd, yet you just don’t think to question it!


When was the last time you saw a carrot and a piece of toast walking down the road?!

(Or even riding a fox in the snow?!)

Carrot & Toast are all about friendship, fun and accidental adventure.

They actually live a pretty normal life most of the time. They work, they play. They care for each other. They picnic (probably more than the average person) and they definitely go on a lot of holidays!


Carrot and Toast are two friends with strengths and weaknesses that complement each other like yin and yang, where they both rely on each other to be perfectly balanced – and Carrot and Toast are the perfect blend of yin to yang, Laurel to Hardy, Cannon to Ball, Salt to Pepper, and well… you catch my drift!

Much like the late great Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad, Carrot and Toast are a classic friendship, for a new generation.


In their comic adventures aimed at children between 6-12, Carrot and Toast find themselves taking on fun and often complicated quests, journeys to far away lands, picnics in the park, and regular holidays to their favourite water park to ride the waves of the incredible Super Sploosh!

With many lovable extras regularly popping up along the way to help or hinder, the adventures of Carrot and Toast never raise a yawn!

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